Monday, January 21, 2013


Dear Friends,

Indeed we walked down to the circle to see the film "Lincoln". It was a cold walk even using my scarf as a muffler.

With all three movies in town, there was a nice crowd. Tickets for my theaters are reasonable, just $5.00 a ticket. Popcorn is a bargain as well and a must.

Both theaters, the Brokaw and the Strand, were built in 1932. Walking inside them is like walking into history. They are small theaters, and you always know the folks inside!

The seats are faded red velvet and do not swivel or bend much. They do not serve wine, nor had 3-D capabilities, or even your tickets. The truth is, I very seldom see movies anywhere else. Supporting our small towns and communities is very important to me.

"Lincoln" was stunning...the cast, the cinematography, the script. I began to cry at the beginning and was crying so hard at the end, that I had to just sit in my seat for a while.

Lincoln's words are haunting me still on this Inauguration Day and Dr. Martin Luther King Day. They are words we should live by in our personal lives, our communities, and our nation.

"Malice towards none,
Charity towards all."
Lou Ann