Monday, January 14, 2013

Bristling Old Man

Dear Friends,

A few weeks before Christmas I was notified that I had placed first runner up after the first three runner ups for a poem I submitted to the Indiana State Federation of Poetry Clubs. (?)

I had to read the letter a couple of times, and even though it actually meant I was fourth runner up, I got a nice letter from the society.

I love writing poetry and have an entire portfolio entitled "Knocking on a Glass Table." Maybe someday I will actually have them put into book form.

As for now I may just sprinkle them into my writing here and there.

So for this cold, snowy Monday in the Midwest here is my fourth runner up poem!

Bristling Old Man

Bristling old man
Caressing your newspaper
Like a lover
Sensually turning pages as if they were
Locks of hair.
Green is your color, old man
For when you put her down,
Someone else will pick her up
And she won't even remember you,
Bristling Old Man.
Lou Ann Homan
Upon watching a homeless man in a hotel in Indianapolis, sitting alone day after day.