Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme....

Rosemary in my parlor

The weather in Indiana has been unusual this week. I arrived home to fields of snow and slippery streets. However, within a week all changed. The fishermen brought in their buckets and poles, the skaters hung up the skates, and the sleds are strewn in front yards and in mud rooms.
Yesterday was  the "January thaw" day that we often get in mid-winter. Everyone was outside...some in tank tops (well, it wasn't that warm), others on bikes, some strolling the neighborhood, and others perusing the gardens.
I am a gardener by nature, and by my grandmother Luella. Wearing my old rubber boots, jeans, and a ragged sweatshirt I was able to gain access to all the muddy gardens. I took note of things needing to be done. The raspberry cains need pruning as to the apple trees and my crab apple trees. My "white picket garden" fencing looked a bit forlorn as well, needing Tom Sawyer's hand at painting.
Needless to say, it is too early for all of that. When I strolled over to the herb beds I was rewarded with fresh parsley, thyme, sage and beautiful rosemary. Usually by now it is all dead and covered with snow. The ground was not frozen around the rosemary so I was able to actually dig up part of the plant and repot.
Rosemary is a great scent in the house and nicely replaces the pine which I finally took outside as well. My old Christmas tree is nestled by my bird feeders, gardens closed up once again as winter will return tonight. Welcome back Winter...we really need you!