Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Dancing Man in Prague...

Dear Friends,

The streets and bridges of Prague and Budapest are full of folks singing or dancing or even selling cotton bras! I dropped many a coins into coffers in the shapes of guitar cases, tin cans and even a McDonald's cup.

On our last night in Prague we were just walking the streets feeling a bit sad as we would be leaving that wonderful city in the morning. All of a sudden we came across a man dancing in the streets. (Please notice the cobblestone!) We watched for a while and then, as he kept dancing, I decided to take out the camera. It was delightful and sent us on our way to Hungary!

There was no can, guitar case, or a McDonald's cup for coins, he was dancing for the sheer joy.

Can we find this man?

Enjoy and smile away your morning as you watch The Dancing Man in Prague!!

Lou Ann