Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Blue Danube River

Dear Friends,

When I was a little girl my dad and I would play the song, The Blue Danube. It is a wonderful waltz tune. I have been on the Danube before when I was in college and traveling in Europe, the way it should be money and one train ticket!

Yesterday Philip and I climbed up (no, we did not take the bus) Gellert Hill where Bishop Gellert (years past) was rolled down that hill into the Danube for trying to bring Christianity to Budapest. He was dead upon his arrival into the river.

Here is a photo of the Danube River from part way up Gellert Hill.

So, we are now packing, having our last breakfast in Budapest in our little flat and flying off to England for yet another adventure! Stay tuned!

Lou Ann

The Blue Danube River

Sorry for all this space below....couldn't get rid of it!