Friday, December 28, 2012

Photos from Prague and Budapest

Dear Friends,

I have taken hundreds of photos and have memories and stories for a lifetime. It is difficult to find time to post while enjoying everything, but I do like you coming along with us. Here are just a few photos and a fun video from the trip. I imagine I will be posting about this trip for another month! As always, thanks for following us. I hope your Christmas was joyful!

Lou Ann

I took this photo on Christmas Day evening. It was foggy all day so all my photos are gray. But in the evening we were walking at dusk back to St. Matyas Church, and I thought it was so stunning. It almost doesn't look real! This was in Budapest.

Everywhere we go there is hot wine...on street corners, in shops, outside of restaurants (help yourself kind of deal), so we always stop. Here we are on Christmas Day at the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest trying to get warm!

This is the top of of another church! I didn't have to convert to black and white, that is the color of the sky! Budapest.

Philip took this photo of me at the entrance of the Charles Bridge in Prague. I have noticed that all the photos of us look like we have gained the 10 pounts of Eastern Europe travel. I think it is due to layers of clothing and pastport/money bags hanging around our necks under our winter coats!

This is a church in Mor in Hungary. This has been the ONLY morning that we have seen blue skies for the entire time. Ah, the sun does shine in Easter Europe.

Musicans on The Charles Bridge in Prague.

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