Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Prague Reunion and First Travel Days!

Dear Friends,

My flights took me to Atlanta, Amsterdam and then into Prague. By the time I was  on the flight to Prague the language immediately changed to German and Czech. There was one other woman who spoke English and was from America. We found each among the crowd and got our luggage together. I think she might be a TV star, but I didn't ask her. We just quickly became friends. I had a room reservation near the airport, she was heading to the Hilton downtown. We said our farewells and I, with my suitcase following behind me, walked through the airport door.

The hotel was close and not even of Prague origin. It being The Courtyard by Marriott (sorry for your disillusionment!) However, after a shower and a short nap, I bundled back up and headed out into the dark misty evening in Prague back over to the airport to wait for another flight from Amsterdam.

At 17:50 Philip came around the corner, and I can't tell you how glad I was to see him! It was very romantic to meet him in Prague, and aren't you surprised?

We were rested by morning and, with a rented car, headed out into the countryside. We had lunch in Plzen, the home of the Pilsner beer, of which we sampled as well. Back on the road we headed toward the small village of Nepomuk to a little cottage.

This cottage and village are delightful. Even with the gray drizzle of the day, we made friends in shops, cemeteries, churches and the grocery store. It is the perfect village, no one speaks English. In fact I am sure we are the only Americans here. I am in love with this village and this little cottage already.

The cottage has a wonderful hob in the kitchen, efficient lights and appliances and heat and water which come on when they feel like it! My job is to build the fire, Philip brings in the wood and turns the water on!

We just were hooked up to the Internet today so I hope to get the updates and photos coming your way.

Tomorrow morning we head to Prague for a couple of days to enjoy the city and the symphony tomorrow evening.

So, for tonight, farewell, as always thanks for reading and watching!

Lou Ann

This photo was taken on one of our walks through the village today.
This is typical of Nepomuk.

I tried to visit this store earlier, but everyone closes an hour for lunch.
In the afternoon we went back to buy fresh mistletoe. There were baskets of mistletoe outside the shop. The women did not speak English, but were so friendly and helpful. Philip knows some German and so did the woman to his right. She kissed me on the checks and gave us candy for
our pockets. The woman on the left wrapped our mistletoe in paper. They agreed
to have their photo taken! Everyone was happy. I think I would like to work there!

This church is St.John's of Nepomuk built four or five hundred years ago. We were peering through the fence when the caretaker care upon us. He told us (in German) that no one uses this church now or goes in. He opened the large gates for us and let us wander about. It was so quiet and reverent.

Here is the same church taken outside of the gates.
It is majestic, and the clock still works!

Here is a video I took this evening on the village square at Nepomuk
The town closes up at 7. It is very still and quiet.