Thursday, November 29, 2012

Embers from a November evening....

The full moon last night, I did not take the photo, however. It is from Sky News.

Last night was the full November moon. After stringing lights on the Christmas tree and putting the roast chicken in the fridge, I bundled up to go outside. Already the frost had covered my garden chairs, but I was not to be daunted.

My neighborhood was festive with colorful lights on trees and bushes and trellises. It was a bit like a fairy land.

Kathy and I built a fire and sat around watching the embers head into the sky.
The fire was warm enough to be comfortable and, of course, a glass of red wine always helps.

It was a brilliant sky with the full moon and the planet Jupiter holding court next to the moon. Jupiter is so bright now that it can even be seen next to this cold moon.

Kathy brought a bag full of summer rose petals of which we scattered into the fire as a tribute for a friend who recently died. We gave him a toast and watched the ashes from the fire and the petals drift away into the night sky.

"The sheep fairs had been held. The plums had tumbled off the trees in the first big winds, and here and there, in the lovely sunlight too soon enfeebled, a branch of beech or oak was turning yellow; the one to died quickly and mercifully, the other perhaps to hold grimly to the frozen tree and to hiss with its papery skeletons all through the east winds of winter, until spring was there again." T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone