Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Beaver Moon

Tonight is the full moon for November. It is also called The Beaver Moon aptly called this as by now the Beaver has a full coat, strong and warm. By hunting the Beaver and capturing the fur, the Native Americans were sure to be warm during the long cold months ahead.

It is also the furthest away full moon looking languid and cold.

Last night I left my guitar lesson during the deep dark of dusk. The almost-full moon caught my eye with a ring of frost circling it. I must say the sight took my breath away.

Tonight is the full moon and hopefully these Indiana November skies will clear enough to catch another glimpse of this beauty as we gently slide into our winter.

It is a good night for one more campfire, one more walk through the russet leaves before snow and ice pull them back into the earth, and, if your quilts are not on the bed yet, do it now.

Lou Ann