Monday, November 19, 2012

Once upon a Dream (yes, I borrowed that title from Sleeping Beauty!)

Dear Friends,

My studio is so quiet in the morning. Sometimes I think I should be a Folger's coffee commercial...waking up, putting the coffee on, and then opening the door to the studio. I turn on the lights, open the laptop and settle in.

I think everyone needs a quiet space, a place to be for thoughts to swirl through your imagination, or words to be read from books, or poems to be told that are waiting on the shelf.

There was a tree when I was a little girl to hide from my parents, the same tree that the neighbor boy, Roger, fell out of. That definitely was an exciting summer.

There were places on my college campus, on my farm, and in the town as well. Sometimes these places were simply getting into my old Jeep (have you noticed that my Jeep has always been old???), and driving away to settle down with a book for an hour or two.

I have a special place on Ocracoke as well, somewhere I can go to be alone to think or read. Of course, now I have my studio as well.

So, on this early Monday morning, I am spending a few moments thinking of solitude and how it is a good thing.

With all your busyness this week, find your place for tea or coffee or drifting off into a dream....

Lou Ann

P.S. No, Larry, I have not named it yet!

My Indiana Studio!