Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween weekend!

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This past weekend held a plethora of Halloween activities and visits! Thanks to my small town for supporting all the storytelling activities and events. One more show and then I can hang up my witch's hat for another year.

The photo was taken by Fred Wooley at Pokagon on Saturday night. It was a spectacular night with the almost full moon, crispy clear night and the scent of popcorn in the air.

To my friends in the pathway of Frankenstorm, I am thinking of you. Take care and know that the Midwest is concerned about you even though we are miles away. Most conversations are of Hurricane Sandy and the elections.

Stay safe. If anyone needs a place to go, come on over. I have lots of room for you. This is a serious invitation, just drop me a note and we will be waiting for you.

Almost full moon at Pokagon State Park. This photo was taken
by Fred Wooley.