Friday, October 12, 2012

My Indiana life today consists of writing, then going outside to ride my bike, back to writing, then going outside to hang out laundry, back inside to rehearsing for tomorrow's ghost story concert at Crown Hill, back outside to take the kids to the pumpkin patch, then back inside with the microphone. It will end with a neighborhood campfire with stories tonight!
I can't stay inside. The weather is spectacular. The leaves are cascading like jewels from a king's crown.
I can only sigh and love each moment.
Today's photo comes from my friend, Ken Oguss. Ken is a storyteller, writer, and videographer (among other things) in the Indianapolis area. I love this phot he took in Indiana, and with his permission, I am sharing it with you.
The poem is one of my favorites. I always shared this poem with my own children growing up on an Indiana farm.
Thanks to Ken and to all who treasure this life we all share.
Lou Ann

“October” By Rose Fyleman:
The summer is over,
The trees are all bare,
There is mist in the garden and frost in the air.
The meadows are empty
And gathered the sheaves-
But isn’t it lovely kicking up leaves!
John from the garden
Has taken the chairs;
It’s dark in the evening
And cold on the stairs.
Winter is coming and everyone grieves-
But isn’t it lovely kicking up leaves!