Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Limousine Birthday!

It was a birthday quite like no other for Jonah this past weekend. Karen and Aaron surprised him along with his brother Matthew and his best friends with a limousine on Friday. The limo was waiting for the kids outside in the parking lot at their school.

There were several of us with cameras as we waited for the kids to come out. We were as excited as they were!

I have a had a few experiences with limos, but this had to be the best. There was music, snacks, and the traditional disco ball.

Michael, the driver, is an employee in Aaron's company who also runs a small limo service. He was great fun as well!

We went to Pizza Hut and then around town, especially the mound...that is a definite tradition is our town. After a game of flag football, cake and ice cream, the whole gang came over for another outdoor movie in my garden! Karen took them all home to bed at her house!

So, another birthday for Jonah. He is now 8, and he will never forget this birthday. Hmmm...neither will we!