Thursday, August 30, 2012

Joe Bell Flower

Photograph of a Joe Bell Flower

During my first Opry this past summer, Marcy Brenner, well known song-writer and musician, shared her newest song with the audience. I was stunned by the beauty of Marcy's voice and her ever-faithful writing ability.

Her song, Joe Bell Flower, is a tribute to an old legend on Ocracoke. The story says (in a simple statement) that Joe Bell was a sad, jilted lover who came to Ocracoke and spread seeds of the Gaillardia flower.

This little seeds grew in sand pockets all over Ocracoke and continue to bloom there as well. They are nicknamed after Joe Bell.

Before each performance Marcy dedicates the song to the young and old women on Ocracoke telling how each goes about her daily job, but really can't be held down to one place very long. This could mean doing different tasks all day from bread making to singing lullabies to children. It also could mean courage to try new things and finding strength in roots, yet freedom as the wind blows the seeds around to new possibilities.

I fell in love with the story, telling Marcy that it will one day become her signature piece.

Marcy sent it in to Our State North Carolina Magazine and entered it into the songwriting contest. You can vote for Joe Bell Flower, or just listen to the song over and over again, as I do in my Indiana studio.

Here is how you can hear the song, just go to the website below and click "listen to the entries".  Marcy's song is week#1, song #19. While you are there, you can also listen to a few original pieces by Molasses Creek.

I would love to hear how you feel about the song and the sweet sad story.

As always,

Lou Ann
 Our State North Carolina Magazine

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