Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lou Ann is out and about with Recumbent Pete

Dear Friends,

Monday afternoon was stunning in northern Indiana. The rain had passed leaving a nice half inch or so on the gardens and in the bird bath. Fresh laundry was on the line and Virginia and I were working away in our own studios.

Virginia is my new housemate. She just finished her MS degree from Trine in mechanical engineering and is now working full time looking for a job.
Virginia is from Argentina and it is good to once again share cultures and break bread together.

On this quiet afternoon there was a knock at the front door. Standing in front of me was Recumbent Pete from Ohio. This was not a surprise as I was expecting his arrival. He stood there with his helmet on and his recumbent bike in my driveway.

Pete and I are both members of warm showers. I joined this organization last year. The benefits are that I open my house up to touring cyclists and we share stories and communities.

The evening was great fun as my family gathered for fresh corn and grilled chicken and all the children in the neighborhood took turns riding on Pete's bike. I even took a nice tour around the neighborhood as well.

Pete enjoyed dinner, stories, a fresh bed (I ironed the pillow case in lavender water) and was on his way by early Tuesday morning.

Here is the website if anyone is interested in joining. I also can be the receiver should I want to bike around, usually I just stay in my neighborhood. But who knows? Here is a short video interviewing Pete as Virginia takes off on the bike.

As always, thanks for reading and watching!