Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coming back to Indiana...

So here I am...back home in Indiana. The transition is always hard. I still think I am in Philip's kitchen as I look for towels or light switches.

My children were all here to greet me (from Indiana, Arizona, and Florida). It was wonderful to spend a few days with them. There were suitcases and laptops piled all over my house.

I finally was able to unpack and settle in.

Why come back to Indiana? I am asked that question often.

I am a Hoosier by birth and have made a home for myself here in Northern Indiana. (I am a stones throw away from Ohio and Michigan.) We have a lovely state park, a university, a small town which some folks say is like old Mayberry, and I have family here.

Ahh...will I always be here? And what does Marcia have to tell John? (That is a private joke for those of you who attend the Ocracoke Opry!)

I also work here as a writer, a storyteller and now I am teaching part time at Trine University. That is new for me. I am teaching English comp with a focus on Dickens and public speaking. I already told the students that we will be doing ghost stories!!

I work most weekends telling stories at festivals and traveling.

I have a housemate that I will often write about as well. I usually house an international student from the college. Virginia just graduated from Trine with her MS in mechanical engineering. (She does not wear a pocket protector!) She lived here this summer while I was gone.

So I will post my stories, my thoughts, my photos and videos as I meander around the next few months.

I am heading off to Indy to the Fringe and will post from there with a fun video.

As always, thanks for reading, commenting and letting thoughts travel through space and time to share our lives in this beautiful world.

Lou Ann

P.S. Virginia took the above photo of me on my first day of school. I am fortunate enough to ride my bike to school and carry my books in my backpack.