Monday, August 20, 2012

Salt, sand, sea, and stars....

And just as soon as I got used to the sand in my shoes and the salt water woven in my hair, the summer was over. I packed my bags, cleaned out the Mad Mag Studio and headed back to Indiana.

The summer was magical, as always. I am truly grateful to Philip for sharing his Island with me.

One of my best memories of the summer is the night we all went to the beach to watch the Perseid here is my last column on Ocracoke for my friends, Bill and Lida.

Just click here for the Perseid Meteor shower story!

After I unpack and settle back in some sort of routine (which never ever happens), I will continue to blog, video, and share my small glimpse into life. As always thanks for reading and commenting.

Here is a short video of saying goodbye...very short!!