Thursday, August 09, 2012

Raining on Ocracoke...

Dear Folks,

It has been a rainy week here on Ocracoke. Torrents of rain descended late Tuesday evening and did not give any hope of ever giving up!

Sandy lanes, streets, marshy areas are flooded with puddles and soupy wet sand land.

Alas, the sun does shine, the earth dries, and we all go about our business.

Here is a short video taken from my Mad Mag Studio door of the rain. It definitely was a good day to stay inside and perhaps read Charles Dickens?

I might add, even rain is lovely here on the Island.

Lou Ann

P. S. It appears that you will have to watch the video while cramping your neck to the left. Alas, it is just the thumbnail, once you click on the video it is fine. (I spent a long time trying to correct this, but I could not turn in on the blog!)