Sunday, August 05, 2012

Excavating a Loggerhead turtle nest with my column, photos and is all right here!

Hi Folks,

This blog took a little longer than usual to put together as it filled with all kinds of information and media!

Sundae Horn called me around supper time on Thursday evening. She heard that a Loggerhead turtle nest had hatched a couple of days before, and that the park service was going to "excavate" the nest at dusk.

She didn't have to say more, I was practically out the door. I spent a few years working with the park naturalists in the morning looking for nests, marking them, etc. However I always left Ocracoke before I had a chance to see any hatchlings.

I hope you enjoy the following, it was a wonderful experience!

The column explains most of it, so enjoy that as well!

Lou Ann

Here is the column that will explain the process and the emotion of the evening:   

Now on to the videos! These are done in four parts as I was not so good at splicing. Each one is in order of the process of the excavation. Hopefully you can catch the excitement and learn a lot as you go along!

As always, thanks for reading, watching and sharing with me. This blog has definitely been a labor of love!

Lou Ann

Farewell little hatchlings!