Friday, July 20, 2012

Thoughts on the morning after.

Dear Folks,

Somehow it seems to be the right moment to publish this blog as we are all reflecting on the tragedy in Denver. We are not immune to this behavior and violence no matter where we live.

I do believe, however, that we do not lock our doors and stay inside. These stories need to make us stronger and tie us more boldly to our community.

I live in two communities in which I accept the beauty of this life and the goodness that it does offer, one in Northern Indiana and one here on Ocracoke Island.

Last night Philip and I were walking home from dinner. It was dark and we were using our flashlight to light the way. A group of young people (there were four of them) hollered from across the street, "Do you all want a hug?" At first I was taken back wondering what this was about. My silence did not mean no, I was just surprised. I then quickly answered, "Sure." All four came across the road and hugged us both. They went on their merry way as did we.

This event was about trust. They trusted us to become recipients in a kind way, we trusted them without any thoughts of maliciousness.

It was a great way to end the evening with much to talk about.

During the day it was also my pleasure to attend the Homegrown Market at the Community Square.

Mariah and Caroline are two Island children who were born and raised on Ocracoke. They set up their booth to sell their wares and spent the morning visiting with folks, selling items, and contributing to the beauty of the Island. Their booth was a reflection of the life that is lived here.

We need to honor those who died or were wounded in Denver, but in the meantime we also need to boldly make a stand in our own communities.

Here is a short clip of Mariah and Caroine at the market. Enjoy!