Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speaking of chatting...

Today's Video Blog features chatting on the porch of the Village Craftsmen. Each day Philip Howard chats with folks from 1-2 on the front porch. These chats are a resemblance to the time when everyone sat outside on those hot summer afternoons enjoying each other's company.

I took the above photo early this morning of the Village Craftsmen (the sign says closed, but don't worry about that!)

Oh, and speaking of chatting, today is my first day to "chat" at the Ocracoke Lighthouse. I will be opening up the historic doors to the lighthouse on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 1-3. (I chat a little longer than Philip!) Please stop by for a glimpse into the past and listen to a story or two!

Tomorrow's video blog will feature the inside of the Ocracoke Lighthouse.

As always thanks for reading, watching, listening and taking a look at all I see as I am out and about!