Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out and about at The Strand Theater

Hi Folks,

Once again I am out and about in my small town of Angola, Indiana. This time it is date night with my favorite two young men, Matthew and Jonah.

Here we are at The Strand Theater on the square getting ready to see the new Disney movie, Brave. I actually was able to get a brief interview with the owner, but as you can see, it is brief.

I support my local theaters as often as I can keeping alive our downtown. Please support your local theatre as well!

By the way, my brief movie is not upside down, so don't worry! As for Brave, I really loved it. I think Disney brought back some of its magic for this show. The little red headed heroine, now she is definitely a star!

As always, enjoy and thanks for checking in to see what is going on in my small town!

Lou Ann