Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Great Sendak cartoon...

The New Yorker and Sendak

Here is where I stand on this day...

Mengting graduated with honors.
We spent all week celebrating with nary a free moment.
The Chinese Moon Festival was spectacular.
She is now back in China missing her American family.
We miss her too.

Jonah had his first little league game and was 3/3.
I saw the first hit and just about came off the bleachers.
Aaron is in Phoenix with Abe and Kristin.
Karen is getting ready to leave for Atlanta for her little sister's Prom.
My children come and go like the spring flowers.

I finished my volunteer job, ABC Literacy in the Hendry Park Kindergartens.
Between all of this, I have stories on the road and back home again.

Maurice Sendak died leaving us with memories, stories, dusty books on the shelves and a deep sadness in our hearts.

Dick Lugar lost the election in Indiana. It was time for him to go. I wish he would have left on his own at the beginning of his last term so he could go out with honor.

My garden blooms beautifully.
Mengting's room is clean.
I am once again writing.