Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leaving behind a memory of song and story....

The Theatre comes to town, sets up stages, pulls out costumes and takes us all on an adventure! And as quickly as it happens, the stakes are pulled out, the truck is loaded and we bid farewell.

It was a week of rehearsals, of watching children grow and change and watching a community come together for the show.

I loved spending time at the theatre, long dinners with Anne and Alison, and sharing my small town with them. I loved taking them to Trine for International Night, to the Deli for lunch, Coachlight for coffee and late night martinis at The Hatchery.

I sent them on their way this morning. They were heading to Wisconsin to "do it all over again!"

As always, thanks for reading stories and enjoying the photos from this blog, Stories from a small town.."

Jonah loving his rabbit costume!

Cast photo of The Tortoise and The Hare.

A colorful scene from the play.

The rabbits all hopped off stage after each song. Jonah is in mid-air on this photo by Karen.

The show is over as well as International Night. We are just enjoying a drink at The Hatchery.
From right to left: Mengting, Kathy, myself, Alison, Anne.