Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garden fever...

Here are just a few photos from the seed display at Rural King, my favorite store!

I love the colors of these garden flowers, someone at Rural King knows how to display in pure art!

There was no way I was not going to buy these seeds!

With the warm weather last week, the gardening bug has definitely hit northern Indiana. Every time I go into Rural King it is full of folks...buying seeds, looking at baby chicks, buying tillers. Maybe it is because it is spring and we all have the fever or is it possible that we are ready to take control of our own food. I would like to think it is a bit of both.

I am a careful shopper. In fact, my "grocery" shopping takes quite a while, especially in the summer. Fruits and vegetables I get from my local farmer's market, meat from the local butcher shop (when indeed I buy meat), eggs from my local farmer...well the list goes on...honey, maple syrup, etc. I also like growing my own vegetables in my garden as well as herbs and my beautiful raspberries that feed the neighborhood when I am gone!

When I am not out on the road, I divide my time between writing (and all that goes with that!), photography out and about, and working in my garden. Onion sets, potatoes, and peas are ready to go in the ground, and thank you for asking, but the turtle garden is growing beautifully.

Indeed my turtle gardening story is the tip of the day for any gardener. You can turn any old child's swimming pool or sandbox into a wonderful salad garden with very little work. (Check out my Turtle Story.)

Today I hope to also attach my new rain barrel, a gift from Kathy!

Tomorrow my secret for homemade whole wheat bread, and a new fairy tale!