Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So, two holidays to celebrate!

Today we (or some of us) celebrate two national holidays. OK, I know the banks aren't closed, and there are really no decorations to hang or special twinkle lights in the window, but fun to celebrate anyway.

It is National Spider Day. I biked over to Aaron and Karen's early this morning to walk to the boys to school and announced it proudly. They have a pet tarantula which they proudly took out of the cage and took a photo.

I actually had to pet it as well. I think Karen is going to take it into school now that it is warm outside. As I was walking the boys to school Jonah proudly announced that now he wants a pet armadillo. (Did I mention that we live in northern Indiana?) This past week he wrote 15 poems about armadillos.

I think that quest will be up to the parents.

It is also National PI Day. Here is a fun video to spice up your day! Enjoy!

Please click on the video for all the credits and lots more songs to choose from!
Anyway, enjoy this wonderful day and sing up a storm and don't sweep up the spiders!