Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The most astounding fact about the Universe.

My Saturday column has created a wonderful buzz in my small town. I love getting your comments and emails! What is most interesting is how each one of you are "Saving the World" in your own ways.

You talk about kindness...bouquets of flowers...smiles...writing...cooking...
well, the list goes on and on.

The discussions have taken place at my dining room table, at the Spring Expo, and in the home of Carolyn and Elten.

On Saturday evening several of us were invited to a dinner party. We viewed a spectacular sunset out their windows overlooking the prairie. After dinner we gathered in the living room for Carolyn's events. With a fire going and friends circled around me, I was asked to read my column. Following that we watched the above video and then went out into the night air to view the sky. With the moon beginning to wane, the sky was brilliant with stars and planets. I hope you have been watching Venus and Mars this past month. Simply spectacular.

We all came back into the house with quiet reverence and awe.

Saving the world means saving ourselves as well.

night of moonless glow
glittering drops of stardust
illuminates souls