Monday, March 05, 2012

Art Out my Window...

Snow falls and swirls out my window as I sit in the studio hammering out words by the dozens. When March arrives I always wonder about each snowfall whether it will be the last one of the year. Thinking as I do, I appreciate each snowflake the drapes my still-asleep garden. Will this be the last or next week will I ask the same question? I think the answer lies in the wonderment of life thinking that everything has a first and a last. It is up to us to appreciate each moment.

My quote comes from writer, Matthew Brown. He is a contributing writer for Acres. Thank you for letting me quote this lovely piece, Matthew.

The photo, Art Out my Window, is through my  dining room window art. I decorate my windows with stained glass and prisms. Enjoy.

Utter Stillness Rules These Woods

Beyond the window
a white appears as if from fog,
a white containing its own light.
Outside every tree, every branch
and each dry weed is frosted
with a condensation of snow;
seeds that cling to the ash
are now glass ornaments,
more than ornaments.
It's as though the waters themselves
had stood up as trees
filled with light.

Matthew Brown