Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sadie Hawkins Day!

For more information on why we have Leap Year, click here!

This is Leap Year and today, to be more exact, is Sadie Hawkins Day.

In my high school, the girls could hardly wait for that day. That was the day that you could ask the boys to go to the dance or the movies or dance with you or even more!  We decorated our high school gym with hearts and crepe paper strung from basket to basket. Dan was my high school throb at the time, so he was the one to receive my affections (which weren't much!) It was exciting to ask him to the dance and to be brave enough to actually to that. (It is hard to believe, but I was a bit shy, really!)

Women now are much more independent so this day might go completely unnoticed as we carry on with our life today, but then again....

Happy Sadie Hawkins day, and be brave all my girl friends, just be brave!