Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still waiting...

We wait for the snow, those of us who live in the North. It has been a disappointing winter this year for the simple joys of the winter months.

Some will argue that the heating bills are lower, and that is a fact. But where are the bright cardinals against the snow on the feeders? Or the sound of the plow in the night? Or what about a city shut down for even just a day or so leaving families with books and games strewn across the dining room table with chocolate cookies in the oven? (I know I am a dreamer!)

I even took my bike out of the garage, polished it up a bit and decided I might as well start biking. However, yesterday's brief snowstorm blanketed my town, even though it was slight of hand. I took the above photo in while having a meeting a Rachael's coffee shop. It was a lovely morning.

So, winter, it is not too late. We are waiting, we welcome you.