Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jonah and Beethoven

Jonah is seven years old and in the first grade. He is one of my four grandchildren. Matthew and Jonah live a stone's throw away which has made for a wonderful childhood for them and a loving experience for me. Holly and Brianna live near Phoenix, and I am sorry to say, just a few trips a year.

Over Christmas vacation Jonah expressed an interest in piano as he began to play from ear O Christmas Tree and various other Christmas carols. He started taking lessons from my neighbor, Nate, who is an accomplished musician although he is still in high school. Nate is a pusher for Jonah. He has skipped the early books with songs such as This is Up, This is Down! (Those were my first songs as well!) Jonah is learning words such as fortissimo, treble clef as well as all the keys of the piano.

This past lesson he was given Ode to Joy by Beethoven. Since there is no piano at Jonah and Matthew's house, the piano practicing is at my house on my old upright. I have been hearing Ode to Joy for days now!

The past couple of afternoons after school Jonah and I have listened to musicians, young and old, play this piece on Utube. We have also started our study of Beethoven.

During a phone call with my friend Melissa yesterday, we discussed how it seems the world is a bit disinterested in classical music. Melissa is a harpist and a fine one. Her music is featured on my fairy tale CD, and we have a new show coming out in the fall.

Melissa, listen carefully, classical music is alive and well. Maybe it is up to us to just teach it to the world.

So for all the Melissas and Jonahs in the world, happy playing and thank you for making our world more beautiful.

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