Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Girl's Potluck!

Girl's Potluck was started a few years ago in my house, although none of us can really remember exactly when. I know it was after a recent visit to Ocracoke where community is the main focus of the Island, and I love and long for community.

There are no rules for the potluck, you bring whatever you like; somehow it always works out. Once in a while there are all salads, and once there were all desserts, which was fine by all. But usually it all works out. New girls often ask what to bring, but I just tell them anything.

The numbers always vary due to busy lives. We spend time celebrating milestones in our lives. We also had quiet moments as we did last night as we remember Linda, who died this past year. Our thoughts went to Jeri as well as she sits by her sister's bedside just waiting.

We tell lots of stories too, and most stay as long as the candles are lit!

The potluck will meet again on February 6th, please join us. If you live in a different community, which you probably do, then start your own. It is always fun to see who comes in the back door!