Thursday, December 01, 2011

Jack Frost of Robert Frost?

The first snow of winter, and it was definitely a winter wonderland! The storm was predicted a couple of days earlier and the snowfall count continued to grow. It was one of the most beautiful snows I have ever known. Warm, soft snow clinging to each tree and bush.

The first photo is of the boys shoveling. They shoveled my walk and every other walk in the neighborhood. They are too young to know that someday they could make money doing this! The second photo is from my front porch and the last photo is taken from my living room window. As you can see, I fill my windows with prisms!

The porch windows were frosted over enough to actually etch your name in the glass. I love always telling the window sales folks that, "No, thank you, I love my old windows!" Where would Jack Frost do his work if I had new porch windows?

I couldn't help but think ofRobert Frost as well in his poem,Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.

So, the first of winter is here, let it snow and let the earth gently be covered letting the world rest until Spring.