Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Story Night

Last night was family story night at my house. It was actually a planned event because of so many activities during this week.

My sons and their families are here for 10 days. It makes life very interesting and busy with children and their wives and personalities!

Each night is a different activity and I love all of it. I made a chore list this year so that everyone could help out with the work. (It is not quite working out as well as expected, however, it is a big help!)

I have been writing for NaNoWriMo. I have over 67 pages. These stories are all from the farm from which we all 'grew up'.

I made copies for the boys in notebooks and they read the stories before story night.

There were hundreds of stories I had forgotten or details. We set the tape recorder in the middle of the room. For two and a half hours the stories just poured out. We laughed, we cried. I took notes. Stories of which I had never heard about the farm....growing up, hunting, all of their activities on the farm.

I could only think that it is a wonder that all three survived those years.

I was oblivious to some of these stories as I lived in my wonderful world of writing, and romance and my own imagination.

So, what a great night of story. This is an important event for all families; turn off the cell phones, the TV and anything else that plugs in and tell those stories!

Lou Ann

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