Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kendallville Blue Grass Festival

Westbound Rangers!

Kathy and I spent Sunday at the 35th annual Tri-State Bluegrass Festival.  The day was perfect with temperatures in the high 60's with scattered clouds giving way to a shower or two.

Folks were encouraged to bring their own chairs, but we became squatters and found seats down front to enjoy the day. We never actually left our seats except to buy popcorn or take a stroll through the booths set up by the artists.

The featured musicians were absolutely the best in the world:  The Stockdale Family Band, the Wolfe Brothers, Art Stevenson and High Water, Mississippi Sawyers, and Monroe Crossing.

Our favorite for this year was the Westbound Rangers from Tennessee. The Rangers are a group of 'just out of college musicians' who built this band while at Belmont College in Tennessee. They were funny and talented and received great approval from the audience!

They ended with the song 'Gentle on my Mind' which was made famous by Glen Campbell. A spell, a hush, a sweetness fell on the audience as they sang and the rain actually poured down upon the metal roof. That alone was worth the price of the admission.

I am glad I was able to attend, even if just for a day, as the memories will linger on into the fall season.

Thanks to the town of Kendallville for hosting this tradition for 35 years!

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