Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Delightful weekend...

My mom stayed with me all weekend which was so much fun. Mom lives in Texas and so our get togethers, or round abouts, are few and far between.

I loved letting her peak into my world here in Northern Indiana. We, of course, ate at all the local restaurants, The Deli, Coachlight, The Hatchery, Village Kitchen...had lunch with my editor, met the mayor among many other folks.

We had pot lucks and suppers with Karen and Aaron and the boys, Kathy, Lee, Elton, Carolyn.

We had quiet time too when we sat late into the night, listening to the rain on the rooftop, sipping wine telling stories....crying, laughing.

She has gone back to Fort Wayne for a bit until the big is quiet in the old house!

Although Jim is back, and several of my 'single' girlfriends came over last night to drink beer under the stars. We sat out late contemplating life...really, it wasn't serious at all. Birds sang, dusk came and stories filled the night.

Graduation Season

  It is graduation season, and our lives are filled now with endings and beginnings. I never let graduations pass me by, I always enjoy them...