Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Balloon Launch, 2010

With the anniversary of my Dad's death, came the inspiring hope of love and families. My brothers and sisters, and my mom, live miles apart and had no way of being together on this date. My sweet niece, Brandy, remembered that last year Karen sent a Sky Lantern with me to the memorial service.

Afterwards we went out behind my parent's house in Texas and sent it off to the heavens to Dad. This year, in the mail, we all received a sky lantern with directions to set it off at the same synchronized time on the 26th.

On that day, the Outer Banks (including Ocracoke) experienced a massive storm up and down the eastern sea coast with winds in excess of 30-50 miles per hour. Snow and rain prevailed, but the launch did not.

Last night, with calming winds, we went drove to the Southpoint where the Atlantic meets the Pamlico Sound. The winds were low, the sky was gorgeous and it was here that we sent off the sky lantern. We were able to watch it all the way to the heavens and then slowly dip back down and become part of the sea. Dust to dust, sea to sea.

The sunset was exceptionally beautiful. As we drove back in the darkness with the sea beside us, I told Philip stories of my Dad. He is used to it, I speak of him often when I hear music he loved, or poetry, or beauty.