Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice

Dear Folks,
I think the Winter Solstice is my favorite Holiday, at least I make it so. This year was so spectacular with the full moon, the total lunar eclipse and the Solstice colliding in the Universe. My friend Laura and I decided to rent a cabin at Pokagon for the event. We also invited our friends, Philip and Fritz. (We are both in the dating scene these days!)

We all had dinner early and then headed out to the cabin in the park. We immediately filled the kitchenette with amaretto, chocolate and cookies!

The cabin was built with knotty pine on the inside, cozy and comfortable and it was as if we were on vacation! We played games on the large table, and watched movies til 2:00. Actually to be honest, they all watched the movies, I immediately fell asleep!

The cloud cover was thick and all the events planned by Fred Wooley were canceled, however at 2:00 Philip went outside and announced that it was clear enough to see. We put on boots and scarfs and gloves and out into the early morning quiet hours we walked. The haze surrounded the moon and night sky, but we could still see the moon and the eclipse. It was probably the most magical night of my light under this cosmic phenomenon.

It was as if it were the night for miracles. I think this evening will be in the top ten list of my life forever. Hope you were able to enjoy it as well!

Lou Ann