Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Sapphire Winter Morning

A snapshot of this morning's sunrise from my front porch...

This winter has been spectacular with winter weather from Halloween on. We never did have a January thaw or even a cold rain, just the snow and wind and, well, how it should be.

March is proving to be on schedule as well. The sun is bright and the temperatures are above freezing as the snow begins to melt and the sap is beginning to drip in the sugar woods.

Yesterday folks were out on bikes, skateboards, and just filling the streets. Some had on shorts, flip flops (the temperature was mid-forties) and tank tops. I hung laundry out, surveyed the garden and filled all the feeders.

It was great to see some of my neighbors for the first time since November! So today a pot of soup, bread rising on the stove and a walk in the park!

Here is a haiku for the day:

sapphire mornings
gamble away winter snows
piercing light of day