Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gypsy Kids and a Farewell Party

On Ocracoke Island this summer there are three college kids living behind Philip's cottage. They have the use of the old red gypsy wagon as well as hammocks.

They are nestled into the trees sleeping at night like birds or out on the town as wandering owls. I have grown to adore these kids. They make their own yoghurt, they hang out their laundry, and they are known to us at the Three Gypsies.

Last night they cooked dinner for us in the cottage as it was Ben's last night as he left for Raleigh this morning on the early morning ferry. He leaves for India in a few days.

We have spent countless hours with these kids, watching the sunset, drinking a bottle or two of wine, cooking together, sharing pot lucks and it is as if they will fly the nest one at a time.

Farewell to Ben, have a great yoga experience. As for Paige and Kyle, well, we will be honored by their presence for a short time yet!

Lou Ann