Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Travel

So, we left Indiana between blizzards and storms. The window of traveling opportunity was small, but by 9:00 on Sunday morning we were ready and took to the roads. I took the photo on the way. The interstate was still just one lane, and that one lane was bumpy with ice. I was amazed at all the beauty as we traveled and destruction as well as trees were snapping off like toothpicks along with power lines!

It was one degree when we left and we drove through Ohio and West Virginia. We stayed in West Virginia and when we left there on Monday, it was only 3 degrees!

The Island is not warm, but not cold either. It is nice to visit with Philip's family and friends. We set up another Christmas tree, this one was free from the Variety Store! Philip found lights and ornaments so we were able to make it cheery! He has a nice gas log stove which definitely adds to the atmosphere of Christmas. So with wrapped gifts and Island fruitcake, we are ready for an Ocracoke Christmas.

Tonight is the Island pageant...complete with a live Baby Jesus, so I understand. Dinner will be at Philip's for everyone and then off to the pageant. We will walk the lanes to the church and back again in the Holy darkness on this Christmas Eve.

Lou Ann