Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Swirling Snow

Tonight my town is a winter fairy land. The snow began around 4:00 in the afternoon as I joined friends at the coffee shop for a theatre meeting. We drank lattes, talked theatre, and watched the snow tumble down like an old woman shaking her feather bed. With plans and lists tucked into our satchels, we said good bye and scurried out to cars which were covered with snow. I drove home gingerly through the early evening twilight and came home to steaming hot tea water and Philip. He is here visiting for a few days from Ocracoke. We decided that the leftovers could keep so we walked back down into the town for supper at the Pizza Forum.

We took a table by the window so we could watch the plows go by. All too soon dinner was over and we bundled back up to walk home. The wind was strong, but I couldn't help but stand and enjoy the beauty of the town. All the windows are trimmed for Christmas and the mound is string with lights from top to bottom...Christmas carols serenade the walkers and shoppers alike. It was a surreal scene with the swirling snow. It could easily have been a scene from the 1950's. We braced ourselves for the walk home and directly into the falling snow.

It is a perfect evening.