Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Strand Theatre

Last night I went walking at Dusk. My favorite time. The full moon was rising and I decided to go towards the town as opposed to walking by the University. The two small theatres were lit up with their marquee's and there were a few folks strolling in town. I stopped in at The Strand Theatre to check on the time of the movie, The Women, as several of us are going tonight. The ownerr was there, as he always is, and we started talking about the town politics. I felt like a politician as well as a writer as I listened to his complaints and thoughts. I was in tears at one point thinking about the possibilities. The County Council Members walked by as we were talking.

As for my articles? He loves them, but they aren't enough, he said, they aren't enough.

So how do we save small towns in Indiana? I like to think my weekly column makes a bit of a difference, but maybe he is right. Maybe it is not enough.

Lou Ann

Lou Ann Homan is a storyteller, teacher, writer, and dreamer of dreams. She can be found writing late into the night under the light of her red fringed lamp in Angola, Indiana.