Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mackinac Island

It was a lovely week end...sigh.

Philip and I left Angola Thursday evening after school and headed toward the upper peninsula. It was a step back in time for me as we visited places I haven't been to in years.

We traveled up to White Fish Point to view Lake Superior at it's finest. It was the perfect day as it was cool and rainy and the wind was whipping off of White Fish Bay. Of course, once there we had to visit the Shipwreck museum which held much of the same equipment that was used on the Outer Banks.

Mackinac Island. (Pronounced Mackinaw), a French mistake. I visited every year as a child, but now I was with Philip, and I loved it.

We toured and hiked and climbed and viewed everything possible including the carriage ride.

We found a great pub with Irish music for evenings. The skies were clear and the air clear by the time we reached the Island so it was just great for us. It was fun for Philip to be The Tourist.

We drove home Sunday through the mist.


Lou Ann