Monday, July 24, 2006

The days of our lives...

Ah, yes, the days of our lives, although I think that title has already been used!

Where did the week go, and is this my Sunday Passage now?

The July birthday party potluck was even more wonderful than I thought it would be. The house was overflowing with over fifty folks (did we invite that many??)...after a groaning table of food was consumed, the musicians took all the instruments out of their cases and commenced to playing. They set up on the pizer and the rest of us took to dancing in the yard. It was a wonderful celebration.

We had ghost tours on Tuesday and Friday nights and added a moonless tour on Friday evening late into the night. Yes, it was a bit scarier than usual. Philip and I led that tour together.

We did our old time radio show at the Opry....which everyone has come to love and expect. I delight in the writing of it and the performing as well.

Saturday night (my birthday) we spent the evening at Dallie's with family and friends to celebrate an old Ocracoke custom of having Old Drum. It is a wonderful dish that I had never had up until that evening. It consists of boiled drum (fish), boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, fried salt pork and onions. It is all mixed together on the plate as one huge dish. It is fabulous. Following platefuls of Old Drum, we devoured Dallie's homemade blackberry cobbler. When we were finished, we put out the lights and told ghost stories.

How can life get better than this?

We are busy, we are together, and I am happy.

I love not wearing shoes or riding in a car.....I love spending my days with Philip and the life on this Island. I guess I am in a state of bliss. Sigh.