Monday, February 06, 2006

My heart belongs to Jonah...

This week end Aaron and Karen took a well deserved week end trip to Chicago. They had been planning for weeks and could hardly wait to board that train.

My job as Nannie was to be in charge of 16 month old Jonah. Now I must confess, really this was my first chance to have him to myself for a whole week end. I had dreams every night leading up to the event that I would go off and forget him or something else disastrous would happen. As it was, we had a wonderful week end. We spent time in town at the library and the coffee shop and even a little shopping in the downtown.

We played in the books, watched birds, danced and had serious talks, of course.

My house is not full of baby toys...I guess I'm just not into that....but never fear, I have plenty of colorful items...mardi gras beads, wine corks, prisms, a piano, musical instruments...and lots of books. Jonah was quite well entertained.

I cooked ahead and fed him the best I could find (alright he wasn't crazy about baked salmon so I did bring out the peanut butter on that meal!) but he humored me well with all my other good intentions. So between bubble baths and rocking to sleep, it was a wonderful week end.

I almost cried when his mommy and daddy took him home.


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