Monday, August 15, 2005

Once again a blogger...

Welcome back to my blog site! It was quite the summer, yes? I loved sharing the Village Craftsmen blog with Philip, but here we are back in Indiana.

Today was the first "real" day back to school. I have a new is absolutely huge..fresh new sapphire blue tile..and so clean. I have it decorated to my liking with theatre props and playbills and costumes. It will be a year of new teaching as I follow the theatre curriculum for the state. I have called my classes "Flair." I really like the title. In between classes, I will be teaching an after school art's program, early morning spell bowl, student council, and numerous other jobs!

It was a great start...staff is all excited about a new year!

So, hats off to public schools...we do our best, give it all we have..just bring on the children!!