Thursday, September 23, 2004

Today at the copier.....

Tonight after school (yes, I am back in school!) I was talking with a friend at the copy machine..She was telling me how they (she and her husband and small child) had just sold their house and given away most of their "stuff." I knew they were making changes, but I didn't know it was radical. (Now, I need to put in parenthesis, this is not for religious purposes, they are not waiting for the second coming in the hilltop.) They felt they wanted to do more with their lives and have less stuff.

I really admire her for this. She said that I had something to do with it..I was impressed on that one. Well, I did wander around the world with a laundry basket for a time, but I do have a house... she said that I didn't have "stuff" so that I can do things and travel. She went on to tell me all that they are doing to simplify. We talked for a long great that she understood all of this while her child is still young. It makes me think maybe I have gone too far.... excuse me please while I pack up my laundry basket.