Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Post Halloween Ghost Stories...

Monday night and the girl's show up for girl's pot luck. We love this night, not a male in sight and the stories, gossip and wine flow! We never plan the food, we just let the pot luck take care of that.

This past Monday night women of all ages and generations filled this old lavender house. The food was great, and vegetarian as usual.

With candles burning and darkness deep upon us the talk turned to ghost stories. One of the girls had just returned from Salem, Massachusetts where she went on ghost and cemetery walks. Her stories were wonderful and certainly makes me want to get out to Salem. I was there a few years ago and did love it!

This prodded other ghost stories and before long it was late, the candles were dripping wax and it was time for my guests to leave. With bowls and dishes in hand, I bid my friends adieu, lock up the house and let the whispers of ghost stories settle into the bones of this old house.