Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just a few photos out of hundreds from Halloween week in my home town..

Thirteen of us went to the Children's
Philharmonic Concert at the Embassy
in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were so glad
to have Mom join us from Texas!

 Brandy made the beautiful birthday cake
for Mom's 81st birthday! It was absolutely
as wonderful as it looks!

Here is a picture of the northern Indiana crew
celebrating the birthday!

Jessie and I adorning our Mom and wishing them
a bon voyage as they were boarding the Queen Mary
in the morning out of New York.

A windy stormy night found us in the kitchen
making Halloween cookies. It was a mess
but so worth the effort! Matthew and Jonah and
Avrie had a great time!

This is Jonah's first school Halloween. They had
to dress up as book characters. Here he is
as Stellaluna. Great job on the costume, Karen! 

Just a photo of all the boys in Jonah's class!
Mrs. Doerr does have her hands full and is such
a wonderful teacher. We are so lucky to know her!

The family after the scary stories at Pokagon. They only
stayed for the kids show...
We were in the Pavilion with the huge fireplace!

Telling stories at Pokagon. Steve Etheridge and I
have been there for 19 years. That is
unbelievable! Folks still keep coming for stories!